Getting Cozy with a Geometric

Getting Cozy with a Geometric

Why do I love the geometrics so much? I've made a good living with the swish swish of my modern expressionism abstract paintings and at the time they are exciting to do. Expressionism is spontaneous and intuitive. That alone makes for a fun ride.


Though for me as an artist, it's the geometrics that are the most rewarding to do. The classic beauty of familiar shapes being methodically placed and organized is the best. There is nothing left for chance. Perhaps it's because I get to use the left side of the brain making organized calculations while the right side works on the creative process of making colors pop and glow. Who knows? I do know that I thrive on being organized and at the same time, the challenge of using my mind to bring something new down the road is exhilarating.  For sure, it's worth the process of staring at a blank canvas for a week to the moment when my geometric becomes a real painting. The passion lives within, Victoria   



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