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 Going Shape Crazy - Vol. 1


Welcome to our first newsletter at our brand new site, vklochwedgleygallery. Kurt and I are thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you the in and outs of abstract painting. First off before I forget, I would like to invite you to our blog so we can get to know you better.  Kurt and I live in Dublin, California with intentions to move closer to the coast. We have been hard at work to make our livelihood with what we love most, abstract painting. The old saying two heads are better than one fits Kurt and I to a tee.


Besides finishing each others sentances, we both are obsessed with geometrics and color field painting, so it just doesn't get any better than that. 


To kick off our first newsletter, I would like to share with you our very first collaboration piece. Kurt built these two crazy 12 cornered interlocking canvases that he intended to paint on. I mentioned to him that I would really like to try painting on this piece. He said, "Have at it and good luck."  


Now that my two week labor of love is finished, I've titled it 'He Said, She Said'. Each piece measures 32"x36" total 32"x72"x2" depending how far they are spaced. Kurt makes his canvases 2" thick versus the standard 1 1/2" thick for

"Dimensional stability" he says, because of the complex interlocking struts and beams to support his odd shapes.


I'm looking forward working on more of these projects together and sharing them with you.


Take Care, 

Victoria and Kurt


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