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I have been fortunate enough in the past to not only create and make many beautiful and unusual things, but to have people pay me to make them as well!


As a young man I had an employer who saw I was gifted in building just about anything. He put me to work as his set designer/builder for many of his commercials for television as well as several unique projects for his home. Many of the projects were 3 dimensional re-creations of heavy or expensive objects in common materials

The pictures attached are of me in my sound stage with a faux fireplace, faux set of books, Faux marble pillar and making it rain on a miniature set.


I have always been fascinated with how objects are made and how to make them. My younger years were spent exploring just about every material and the best ways to work with them. Needless to say, I own a lot of tools. They are natural extensions of my mind to my hands. 


I don't know if you would call these things abstract art, but the learning experience was a necessary part for my future directions.



I am mostly self taught. I have read several books on many creative subjects, but printed instructions are no match for getting your own two hands in there and through repetition and experimentation, realize the final imagined product. I get no better satisfaction than dreaming up something and creating it from start to finish. 


Thanks for reading my first entry on our blog. There is more to come.



Kurt building a set for a real-estate commercial.


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