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Everyone knows that shipments for non freighted paintings don't always get the gentle treatment that they deserve. So when it's time to transport our work to it's new home, Kurt sees to it that he has taken every precaution possible with secure packaging to insure it's safe arrival.  Each painting receives a plastic wrap to protect it from scratches or marks followed with heavy brown paper wrap. Next Kurt builds a deep wooden sided frame with two layers of heavy cardboard for the top and bottom. On the inside he places strudy ridged foam insulation board that will protect the painting. Normally this will get a painting to it's destination safe and sound. In the event that something dreadful happens it will be insured. 


A recipient of a painting of mine sent me a photo with a note of how he re-used the wood from our packaging. Now how cool it that!!! 


Note: I made this chalk board a few weeks ago. The good part of the project was that I was able to take apart the crate you used for shipping our painting and re-purpose the wood to make the frame. So everything was recycled or reused.








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