The Beauty of Organics


The Year of the Rooster geometric abstract by Victoria Kloch 

I decided to title this post 'The Beauty of Organics'.  Just what is so special about this medium called India ink, Indian ink or Chinese ink? I think about this as back to basics. The traditional Chinese method of making the ink was to grind a mixture of hide glue, carbon black, lampblack, and bone black pigment with a pestle and mortar, then pouring it into a ceramic dish where it could dry. To use the dry mixture, a wet brush would be applied until it re-liquified, or more commonly in East Asian calligraphy, grind against an ink stone. The manufacture of India ink was well-established by the Cao Wei dynasty (220–265 AD).


When I painted the painting above, I felt a sense of getting in touch with pure creation, nothing pretentious just raw, unrefined, glorious materials. It was just me, a bamboo reed, ink and the beautiful handmade indigo paper.  When working with the inks especially on this extremely absorbent paper, every stoke is so permanent which makes every stoke a history in my time spent on a piece. There are no do-overs or paint overs. It's there, forever. 



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