The Good, the Rad, and the Rusty




 My latest canvas. I've been staring at it for quite some time now. It has nice form, but the colors it should be escape me. After many versions went through my mind of how to make it POP, I have decided not to use brilliant colors but to go for a muted look instead. I think to really preserve the design, I don't want color to take away from it. I will instead use my faux painting skills to make this canvas appear to be made from rusted metal. I like this idea. it will look like 500 pounds of iron is hanging on the wall. This will be a fun one. Stay tuned for the results to come!



Some time later................



And here we are! I think I achieved what I was looking for. This looks to me like forged iron. Like it came out of the fire. So I'm naming it "Out of the fire". It's about 90% complete at this point, still have touch up and the matte finish to apply.





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