Wanderlust 30"x40" geometric abstract by Victoria Kloch


If you ask any geometric hard edge artist what is the best part of painting geometrics?  I bet eight out of ten will say, it's when they remove the tape. At least it is for us. Usually when painting geometrics it's all about precision without bleeding over to the other color, lining up points and corners. When the tape comes off and it is flawless it must release dopamine in my brain. It's hard to explain really. It's just good. Both Kurt and I will stop what we're doing to watch the tape unveiling. I know, we sound like freaks right? Many of my pieces are especially tricky because I overlay with thin layers. To do so I have to reapply the tape.  If I am not careful it's extremely difficult to correct on the transparent areas.  If you would like to purchase this piece, please visit our gallery here  for availability. Thank you, Victoria




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