The power and perception of light


Light has fascinated us from our very beginnings. From the moment we were born and opened our eyes for the first time and experience the world around us. Everyday that inexplicable ball of explosive energy the sun, rises and shines it's life giving energy on the little blue dot the Earth.

It's power pushes into our windows and we come to life again. It fills all the shadows and the colors begin to emerge. (This reads much better in a Carl Sagan voice). Speaking of Carl Sagan,

he is one of my few personal hero's and left a legacy of brilliance and sober solidity. I miss him.


Light has been a major influence in my life with the many ways it presents itself. From the Sun's fantastic spectrum of colors visible and invisible flying through space at incomprehensible speeds to our world where it slams, crashes and bounces off every object without even hurting a fly. A very strange particle light. This is what we are seeing when we look at a painting. Endless bouncing of countless particles off the paint, reflecting colors in the pigments and slamming those colors into our eyeballs. We do not perceive all this high speed chaos and slamming around. We see gentle stability, colors playfully interacting. An artist utilizes this phenomena mixing and playing with colored pigments to produce something that satisfies emotionally, spiritually and mentally.


This is my fascination with painting, manipulating light. Making something from that which made me. The sun gives me life. Light has made me and now I make and manipulate light. 


Not just with paintings and paint. I have delved into other forms of learning light. From reflections and refraction's, optical illusions and coherent laser beams. You name it. It all just fascinates the hell out of me! So to show you a little about where I have gone with it, I have a 

picture here of 3 lasers I put together.


One red, one green and one blue to combine to make white light. Just like the colored pixels of your computer screen. From these I can make any visible color. Light mixes differently than mixing paint. Red and green light makes yellow. Red and green paint makes a brown color. Yellow and blue makes white light. Red and blue paint make purple. Violet cannot be made with paint. Violet is a pure monochromatic color from the visible light spectrum (and invisible such as ultra violet). Think of a prism or rainbow, these colors are assigned numbers for their wavelengths in nano meters. as are lasers as they too are monochromatic. The 3 lasers I used for RGB are Red 635nm, Green 532nm, and Blue 457nm. These lasers were setup to make full color holograms. Not like the little hologram on your credit card, these are big and full color and can jump right out of the picture at you. Or for that matter, can dive deep into the picture. I have owned one that looked 4 feet deep.

I continue to experiment with holograms today. Hopefully in a future blog I will show you some of my results.



The image above is a medical device I invented utilizing LED's. I'm not saying what it is exactly as it is still undergoing testing. It is just another example of my obsession with light.

This laser pictured is a 2 watt violet laser 405nm that I built to test optics and just because it was a fun project.


In the bottom two pictures is another example of illusions created with light. In this project I painted some items on a piece of plywood to appear as if they are actual objects on an end table. They are painted anamorphically, with contorted perspective to create the 3 dimensional illusion when viewed at a precise height and angle. (preferably with one eye closed). You would then see it as the camera does with no depth perception.








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